Rent it or buy it

Diane Macias

The 2010 fall semester started a new program that opens up more options for students budgets. “Our Goal is to provide the best option available for students, used books is best in value renting books is second best” said Gina Bonanno SJCC Campus Book Store Supervisor. Renting books is a similar process to checking out books at a library. This program is located at the student store and all that is needed is a valid student ID, a telephone number, and your e-mail. Rented books have the due date of December 20th, failure to return book in un-reusable conditon has a consequence of a hold on grades, transcripts, and registration.

Renting a book cost half the price from buying it brand new saving you $10 to $100 on each book. Stephanie Gonsalez 18 undecided major said “Math books are expensive I paid $200 for mine when I could of rented it for cheaper.” Most of the required text books are over $100. One can buy a Financial Accounting book brand new for $224, a used one for $168, or there is the option of renting it for $112.

Now with the option of rental, new, used, and ebooks students can make choices that best suites them financially. “The prices to rent books aren’t that bad, its too bad my books aren’t available to rent,” said Ruben Espinoza 26 Art major. Since this is a new program not all text books are listed yet. In addition, with the variety of new growing programs such as renting, assist students to buy text books more efficiently.