Playstation Move

Jessie Wilson

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The Playstation Move can be summed up in one word, cute. The Move is a great buy if you want to get rid of your siblings for a few hours of stolen peace. Playstation unleashed its answer to challenge the Nintendo Wii on September 16. Making it the next contender for who can create the most memorable creature for the next generation of gamers to drool over.

The technology for the Move relies on the PS3 Eye Camera and the wand. The wand comes with a bright colored ball at the end of the motion controller that follows your every move. The Eye then captures your face displaying it on the screen for all to see, placing the player inside the game for an interactive treat.

Titles such as “Kung-Fu Rider,” “Eyepet” and “Start the Party” kicks off the new franchise with more than 25 more titles to follow. You must look for the sticker at the top of the game to find which games are playable with the Move. Sony plans to upgrade more titles to “Move Compatible” satus.

“ I don’t like all the childish games,” Jonathon Brown said. “I can’t play Madden football with a magic wand!”

The controller comes with a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that will allow the gamer to enjoy 30 hours of fun. That dominates the Wii’s standard batteries. The price to own a Playstation Move is around $100 for the bundle which includes the PS3 Eye, controller (wand) and one game available at Amazon. The PS3 bundle which includes the console is still $400.