Paramore takes over Friday night

Maribel Martinez

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[media-credit name=”Courtesy of” align=”alignnone” width=”400″]Paramore takes over Friday night[/media-credit]

Headliners Paramore performed at the San Jose HP Pavilion on Friday, Sept. 17.

The Honda Civic Tour came to the San Jose HP Pavilion, Sep 17. Kadawatha, New Founding Glory, Tegan and Sara,and the headliner band Paramore came together to rock out for one memorable night. Which in fact did turn out to be a memorable night because it started out to be horrible, then as the concert went on it turned out to be incredible. That was worth the $35 tickets.

The opening band, Kadawatha were disappointing. The crowd started to get pumped when New Found Glory made their way to the stage and performed their first song “All Downhill From Here.” New Found Glory created more energy for the audience when they performed “Kiss Me,” to hear the entire arena singing along. They got the audience involved during their set by clapping, jumping, fist pumping and had the arena do the wave. Which caused the performance to stop because the crowd was getting too out of control.

Tegan and Sara, was one of the performers that will never be forgotten. One of the twin sisters forgot the lyrics to one of their song towards the end of their set and apologized due to her old age.

Paramore opened up their set by singing “Ignorance” which caused the crowd jumping and shouting the lyrics instead of singing. Haley Willams, the lead singer of Paramore, was excited to be in San Jose and she said that she was glad to be back in California. During the song “Only Exception” sparks began to rain down behind the band, they closed with it. Seconds after they were about to walk off stage until the audience begged for more. Paramore came out for one last song “Brick By Boring Brick” which caused the crowd leaving with energy and excitement.

Overall, the entire night was filled with excitement for all band even if some people have never heard of some of them. Each band made every single fan in that arena that night feel extremely happy. Happy for the fact that they saw their favorite band in person either for their first time or for the thousand time.