Danger On Campus

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More than four assaults have been reported on campus since summer semester. With the absence of the campus police until Sept. 29, students, faculty, and staff must ensure greater caution. Questions may arise with the campus community asking if these recent events taken together with the lack of security on campus makes SJCC a safe place to be. San Jose/Evergreen Community College District Chief of Police, Ray Aguirre, offers personal tips for all to use. It is necessary for the campus community to consider implementing personal safety procedures. Certain procedures include taking surroundings into account, especially during early morning hours and late at night. Walking with a classmate or other trusted friend Aguirre reminds the campus community to carry a cell-phone at all times to report suspicious activity. The number to call is (408)279-6468 or 9-1-1. Because of SJCC Police staff shortages, exercising the aforementioned safety tips are of the greatest importance.