A movement with no direction

Ideas without informed debate are dangerous.

Melissa Maria Martinez, Times Staff

Respect. It’s missing. Not in the way you think. We’re being respectful of one another until one’s ideology clashes with its opposite and then we find it very difficult to give respect to those that disagree with us.

Somewhere, close to the beginning of that disagreeable turn, our implicit bias kicks in and you either find yourself talking down to another or they are publicly shaming your lack of tolerance to the world.

No real attempt to fully understand their point or time to appreciate the journey it took to form. No chance to let it really challenge your own ideas and beliefs, which makes improving them near impossible.

Recently, it’s become clear that young political energy is useless and easily manipulated without a clear grasp of pertinent historical context or the acknowledgment that one issue has many possibilities and sides.

Many of us find it comfortable voicing our beliefs and ideas proudly amongst like-minded agreeable peers. But an idea with no debate is dangerous.

Practicing healthy debate can be difficult but not impossible. In fact the opportunity to create and develop one’s foundation can be found in journalism.

The job of students who join journalism is to engage the reader. This can only be successfully executed when a large team pulls their talents and works together toward a common goal.

In journalism, healthy conflict is inevitable and students learn that in order to accomplish the goals agreed upon its necessary to learn how to pick your battles, developing healthy communication skills everyone benefits from. It’s a unique experience that allows students a chance to develop their ability to demonstrate natural leadership characteristics, which is also an advantage when presented with leadership opportunities in the future.

Students that believe in activism will find journalism a great platform for getting ideas and information out to a campus of over 10,000 students. It’s a healthy way of keeping the campus informed while learning how to work with others in a demanding environment.