The Lego Batman Movie review

Jordan Elliott, Times Staff

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Rated PG, The Lego Batman Movie is an entertaining family film filled with one-liners and pop culture references. While the voices were cast splendidly, Batman voiced by Will Arnett (Monsters vs. Aliens, The Lego Movie) and the Joker by Zack Galifianakis (The Hangover, Birdman), the dialogue between characters is definitely the draw to this film. Fans of Batman will be pleasantly surprised by the multiple references to the super hero’s past personas and development over the years: 60’s Batman, anyone?

Being one of the few current animated films that doesn’t seem to give everything away in the previews, Lego Batman is worth watching for its unexpected jokes and fast-paced plot. Although some humor is repetitive, much is effectively original. With appearances by Robyn, Alfred, plus a myriad of well-known, long-forgotten, and made-up villains, this film is more delightful if the viewer is familiar with the characters in the DC comic books or the live-action films. The suggestion of shark repellent, for example, is an amusing throwback to the 1966 Batman film. Michael Cera’s Robyn is a comical addition and takes a novel approach on the iconic character.

Jokes successfully run the fine-line between kid humor, parent humor, and everything in-between. Even if not accompanied by a child, Lego Batman is an enjoyable escape into feel-good cinema. Nothing too serious or though provoking, it merits a night out at the movies if just for the laughs. Probably not one to remember, but entertaining in the moment.