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Student organizations bring life to SJCC


SJCC offers more than class and long lectures. Community and social advancement are promoted around campus through student clubs, societies and governments that are offered outside the classroom.

Blake Balajadia, director of student development and activity said getting students involved in student government, organizations, conduct matters and recruiting people to the campus are all part of his job.

“Student organizations are the heart and soul of the campus. These people want to become doctors, dentist and lawyers and grow to do big things. Their journey starts here and I want to get more people involved to add to the variety of what’s out there”.

One thing Balajadia says he would like to see expanded the most are the cultural groups.

”There’s a really diverse student population on this campus, and there are very few organizations,” he said, pointing out the large population of women, Vietnamese and Black students with the fact there is no black student union or other clubs to represent different cultural groups on campus.

“We need a person to value everything that’s offered here, not just to get in and get out,” Balajadia said. If anyone puts in enough effort they will get a degree, move on and be successful, but at the end at that job interview, when you’re talking the most impactful things about your college experience it’s the people, the culture and the leadership skills picked up who you become outside the classroom.”

“Student clubs (organizations) are like running a small business, and something to use as an advantage on the job hunt.” Balajadia said. “If you think about it, an organization is like a business. They both have a purpose. You have to recruit people, you have to keep track of the money, you have to keep track of what the organization/ business is about to do, what after that and where they been.”

Jason Chittavong studies law and is the president of the Law Society club. He is soon to graduate to a four year university.

“The purpose of the Law Society is to help students at SJCC who are interested in studying or being in the legal field, and to prepare students for a path to law school according to Jason. SJCC is one of only 22 community colleges in California to be associated with a Pathway to Law. Course preparation as well as priority enrollment in 6 law schools associated with the program is a benefit to its club members,” Chittavong said.

The club is constantly thinking of ways to get involved with the community.They will conduct outreach to students that would like to see change campus and research if that change can be applied to the campus.