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Jasper Somera
This course places you in a professional workplace setting where you and your peers get to share ideas and interests, write for a continually award-winning college newspaper, research topics that genuinely interest you and get pushed out of your comfort zone to be more involved with your community.

In the short time I have been editor-in-chief, I have learned several valuable life skills.

These include:

  • Being organized

  • Meeting deadlines instead of procrastinating

  • Professionalism as a worker and student

  • How to be prepared

  • Setting up appointments with interviewees

  • How to work with a team efficiently to create the best possible product

The City College Times challenges its staff to be the best of themselves that they can be. As a result, you end up becoming a much more mature version of yourself.

I suggest taking this course to every SJCC student regardless of their major because the value of what you get out of the class is much more than what it costs.

Jasper Somera, Editor-in-Chief

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Jasper Somera