International student strives to impact community

Rudrik Suthar, Times Staff

Suad Nur, Political Science, 25 is natively from Eritrea, but was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Her story and views reflect her life’s interests and vision, as well as what shaped her significantly she said.

“The environment where I grew up in was widely conservative. Nur said. “My parents however were more open minded, which truly contributed to my development.”

Nur said she completed her  first phase of schooling there in Saudi Arabia and convinced her  parents to allow her to complete college in Eritrea at 18.

After a long journey, Nur is close to finishing education at SJCC.

Nur shared the differences between schooling in three different countries and what led her to pursue a career in political science and business.

“During my teens in Saudi Arabia several questions and insights regarding a range of social, economic political and even religious concerns filled my head,” Nur said. “I turned to reading, and exposed myself to somewhat foreign ideas and perceptions.”

Nur said her curiosity led her to read about and discuss what she was learning with her instructors and peers.

“I was ever so curious to read and learn about the world, but the resources and information did not interest most others,” Nur said. “What I was doing had a negative effect. These topics and questions were normally suppressed and unacknowledged.”

In return to this type of response Suad said she was both slightly provoked and disturbed, but realized there is so much more in the world than what she had been forced to conform to.

“That is why I love the United States, you can talk about anything here, you can express,” Nur said.
Suad’s interest in politics arises from a natural inclination as well as from her father. She made the decision to further take on her education in the United States.
“Experiencing conservatism the way I did in my previous environments, the United States Constitution and its infrastructure truly attracted me,” Nur said.
Her liking of the laws and principles of social conduct in the United States stem from the beliefs of the founding fathers, with which she said she can resonate upon.
“In addition to the founding fathers, one of my inspirations is the great philosopher and thinker, John locke,” Nur said.
Her journey doesn’t stop here.
“My future plans may include studying and practicing Law. I am also preparing for a possible education at Howard University in Washington D.C as a transfer next year,” Nur said.
Nur said her parents were a huge driving force in her life and she eternally thanks them for everything they have provided her.
“Seven years of an intense education will pay for seventy years of your life,” said Suad’s father, who still resides in Saudi Arabia. “Where I had grown up, my parents stood out in a way which significantly affected my future. I can never thank them enough.”
Other driving forces in her life include her eight siblings, a burning desire and belief to live an impactful life as well as her teachers at SJCC.
She expressed gratitude for being able to improve her communication and speaking skills which she knows will help enrich her career and day- to – day life by a large degree.
“Suad is a wonderful student. I am blessed to know students who come from other countries and difficult situations like her,” said Dorothy Pucay, ESL teacher on campus. “She is determined to succeed in her goals and I know that she will. I enjoyed her unique ideas and approaches on topics in my classes with her.”