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Guest speaker visits International ed week.

Lilia Huang, an accounting student
asked, “In the Silicon Valley
we tend to think of failures as
lessons. What kinds of lessons
do you think are important?”
Thuc Vu: That would take
more than an hour; there were
many failures in Kotango that
made Ohmni Labs better. As
international students sometimes
we are less risk-taking, we take
the safe approach. But in the Silicon
Valley, making a mistake is
the most beautiful thing you can
do. It is a very interesting mindset
that we don’t find in Asia.
Just try everything. It is ok to fail.
Carol Diaz, 23, an industrial
design student asked, “As
an international student with
the language barrier it is very
hard. How did you not give
up?” and “Do you think that
an IVY League school on your
resume is very important?”
Thuc Vu: Regarding barriers:
The key is to find joy in whatever
you do. If you are passionate
about Industrial Design, are you
willing to do it for free? (Student
nods) If you are willing to do it
for free, then nothing can stop
you. Try –
they allow you to do industrial
design as a freelancer. Just try it.
While you are doing something
you love, you are having fun
and you might make some money.
So, continue to look on the
bright side and stay motivated.
Thuc Vu: Regarding IVY
League schools: It is a very interesting
question. There has been
a huge movement in the Silicon
Valley to move away from education.
In big companies, like
Google, they block out your
education credentials, so you
can’t be viewed by it. I actually
believe in that. As long as you
get a good education, as long as
you have good, practical experience
and apply your skill, then it
doesn’t matter what school you
came from. I think the trend right
now is to focus on the experience
and rather than the credentials.
International Student Program
Director, Dorian Tran said, this
talk “comes at a critical time
when we need more interaction
and sensitivity throughout
the nation and the world.”

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